Preparing for Prac

As I was quickly checking my usq emails I decided to pop onto wordpress and log a blog about my upcoming prac. Like Kaz mentioned in her blog, I am also worried about the use of ICT’s and how I can incorporate them as much as possible into HPE. Because I have been to this school before and with the same mentor, I pretty much know the run of everything that goes on. I know that teachers are able to access enough ipads for each student in a class to use, however I do not know how frequently they can be sourced. I have a few ideas about how I can use the ipads but I will have to wait and see! I met with my mentor on Friday and had a quick chat about what he is doing this term and he has asked me to write a unit plan for athletics. I wasn’t aware that the new Australian Curriculum has released the Health and Physical Education curriculum! I am honestly not really looking forward to prac which is a shame because I should be gaining as much experience as possible and I would be happy about that in different circumstances that I wont go into. Anyway, here’s hoping prac runs smoothly and I can find some spare time to finish off assignments. Bring on another hectic 5 weeks.


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